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Carton House Walk with Stephen.

Hello and welcome to this weekend’s virtual walk.

Do you fancy living as a lord ?? Well, here’s your chance to get a sneak peek into one of Irelands finest stately homes – please come along with me to County Kildare for a stroll through Carton House .

My nephew Jake is coming along with me today, so thanks to Jake for the photos and his great company .

Located about 20 miles west of Dublin City , Carton house is a Palladian manor located on an estate of about 1,100 acres . The estate hosts two fine golf courses and the house itself is now a luxury hotel.

Let’s drive through the impressive gateway and make our way up to the house.

As we go along let me tell you about the history of this place, in a history spanning more than eight centuries, Carton Demesne has seen many changes. The estate first came into the ownership of the Fitzgerald family around 1100 AD . The family had played an active role in the capture of Dublin by the Normans in 1170 and was rewarded by being appointed Lord of the local area which included the carton estate. At one time the estate covered over 70,000 acres and the Fitzgerald’s became the Dukes of Leinster . The first record of a house at Carton was in the early seventeenth-century but what we can see today was designed by Richard Cassels around 1740 . The house remained unaltered until 1815 when the 3rd Duke of Leinster enlarged and re-model the house in order to attain additional rooms. It has mainly remained unaltered since that time. In fact, I remember visiting the house as a child on the occasional days that it was open to the public .

The property changed hands some 20 years ago and the house was redeveloped as a luxury hotel with the estate converted into two championship golf courses .

We must take a stop before we reach the house to look at the lovely boat house. It sits romantically on the edge of the River Rye on the approach and is thought to have been built for one of Queen Victoria’s visits to Carton House. According to the story , the owners had been informed that the Queen had a dream that she was rowing on the lake at Carton House, so it is said they built the Boat House and commissioned a special boat for her visit.

Finally, we reach the house itself , we enter through the back of the house and get our first taste of luxury. I have to remark that the staff were charming and welcoming to myself and Jake . Our timing is great that we have arrived between lunch and dinner , so it’s not too busy and there are no functions going on in the finest of the rooms, so we are free to roam about !!

Come along with us as we explore the Chinese boudoir, the gold salon, and the other stately rooms. Take a look at the incredible fireplaces and plaster works . There are original paintings and antique furniture everywhere and the views over the estate are amazing. Take a look at the servant’s quarters with the old bells still in place, memories of a bygone era. Oh boy, I would enjoy this luxury if I won the lotto !!!

Wouldn’t it be great to arrive here by limousine for a grand ball or simply for a weekend retreat ! As you can see the property is all decorated for Christmas and its simply glorious and oozes of holiday atmosphere .

Before Jake and I have to go ( we could stay here all day if we got the chance ) let’s take a look around the formal gardens at the front of the house. Despite the fact that it’s the winter the roses are still in bloom and the way the parkland sweeps up to the house is amazing. Dotted around are statues, a sundial and hidden walks .

This has been a magical place to visit, and I hope that you enjoyed coming along with me today . For more information on the property, you can visit , and you can check out some of our classic stye jewellery that will match the occasion on our website for your handcrafted Christmas gifts and enjoy that we have FREE SHIPPING over $30 still in place right up to the 31st.



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