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Story of the Salmon of Knowledge and Fionn mac Cumhaill

The story goes that the salmon ate nine hazelnuts that had fallen into the Well of Wisdom and by doing so gained all the world’s knowledge. The first person to eat the salmon would, in turn, gain this knowlege.

The poet Finegas spent seven years near the River Boyne fishing for this very salmon so desperate was he to be in command of this knowledge. A young warrior named Fionn mac Cumhaill came to live with Finegas. Fionn was unaware of the story of the Salmon of Knowledge and one day Finegas did in fact catch the elusive fish, he knew it was the special one as it’s body shone like silver. Finegas handed the salmon to Fionn with strict instructions not to eat it.

Fionn was charged with cooking the fish but whilst doing so burnt his thumb. Not thinking Fionn licked his thumb to ease the pain. When Fionn took the fish to his master, Finegas could instantly see the wisdom in Fionn’s eyes. He asked the young warrior had he eaten any of the fish and when Fionn said he had licked his finger Finegas knew that the wisdom was now Fionn’s.

Throughout the rest of Fionn’s life he could draw on the wisdom simply by biting his thumb. Fionn went onto become the leader of the Fianna and one of Ireland’s most infamous heroes.

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