Colors of Ireland Bracelet *Web Exclusive*


Colors of Ireland Bracelet *Web Exclusive*




Ireland is divided into four provinces: Munster , Leinster, Ulster and Connaught.

These four marbles in the bracelet are emblematic of each of these four corners of Ireland and each cabochon cut stone is carefully set in genuine sterling silver.

The province of Leinster, located in the east of Ireland is famed for black Kilkenny marble. Found near the city of Kilkenny, this is known as the ” marble city ” as this marble is used to decorate many fine buildings.

This distinctive black marble takes a fine jet black polish  and was formed over 350 million years ago. You can see traces of the fossilised sea creatures – brachiopods and crinoids that once lived in this region of Ireland.

Connaught in the west of Ireland is home to Ireland’s national gem, green Connemara marble. The Connemara region lies in County Galway and the marble was formed in the pre Cambrian era , 900 million years ago. The mineral serpentine gives the marble its unique green colour and once quarried each piece will hold its own distinctive colouration. This is particularly significant to me as my family owns and operates the oldest working marble quarry, located in the village of Lissoughter, in the heart of Connemara.

The province of Ulster encompasses the northern part of the Island of Ireland and in County Tyrone the white marble can be found. If you look at the stone, you can see that there are intrusions of greys in this marble. This gives the impression of a cloudy day in Ireland of which we have plenty!

Munster is the largest of the four provinces and occupies the southern part of Ireland, it is famed for its red marble that can be found not far from the town of Cobh, which is near Cork City. The red marble has a unique mix of red, pink and orange hues that will give you a feeling of warmth and comfort.



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