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May your pockets never be empty…

Irish legend has it that you should always keep a penny coin with you for luck. In old Ireland, at fairs and markets it was common to give “Luck Money”.

Giving luck money is an old Irish tradition originally associated with the buying and selling of farm animals. After the buyer and seller agree terms, the seller would then gift the buyer a sum of money for “good luck”. In old Ireland this would typically have been a penny. This was an important ritual because failure to give back a Lucky Penny could bring ill fortune to them both and the Irish, being a highly superstitious people would always avoid tempting fate!

The tradition has long since been expanded so that giving a gift of a “Luck Money” to a friend or family member brings ‘the luck of the Irish’ to both. It is always cherished as a lucky charm and is a constant reminder of the strong bond of friendship. The tradition of the Lucky Penny is still observed in Ireland today.  If you move to a new home, get married, have a new baby or even buy a new car you will be gifted some “Luck Money “to bring you luck on your new venture. The value is irrelevant, it is simply a gesture of best wishes.

It is also said that when you see a new moon you should turn your Lucky Penny over in your hand three times to bring you will luck and prosperity. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a true piece of Irish coin jewelry over at

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