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Tea An Irish Solution!

I think in Ireland, from a young age it is bred into us that tea is a must have with your breakfast, lunch and maybe even dinner. We Irish drink tea on a constant basis but not only because we have gorgeous and delicious blends of tea, but because its like a warm hug, its like love in a mug. If you were ever sick or unwell, mother would bring you a warm cup of tea, it is honestly a cure for all!

A symbol of love, of home and of family! We meet our friends for lunch and a cup of tea or invite them over to the house to catch up over a hot brew. If someone is sad or feeling under the weather, get that kettle boiled and we can have a cup of tea and get things off your chest. If you just want to start the day right or finish it off on a good note, sit down, relax and have a lovely warm cup of Irish tea.

Tea in Ireland dates back many moons ago almost as far back as the 1800s. It was usually imported from our neighbours over the sea in England but due to the cheap and bitter taste, we decided to fill up the rest with milk to make it a bit more smooth and enjoyable. Due to this, and still to this day, all tea imported or made in Ireland needs to be brewed far more stronger then any other countries brand of tea!

There are many people who travel to Ireland who haven’t (unfortunately) experienced a proper cup of tea so here is a little guide that you can use to make your own perfect cup of love at home.

Firstly you need a tea pot or kettle so that the water can be boiling hot, when this is done place a tea bag into your mug (The Connemara kitchen has you covered) and make sure you seep the teabags long enough so the water turns a dark amber or almost dark red tone. Once it is dark enough put in your preference of either a teaspoon of sugar or honey or leave it as it is! Afterwards add a large or small drop of milk to your drink, judge by taste, start of with a small drop and add more until it suits you, there’s no judgement here, only love in Ireland! Once you’ve done all this, get yourself a packet of your favourite treats and pat yourself on the back because you just made an Irish cup of tea!

Here at Connemara marble, we have the Connemara Kitchen, and we offer some of the most natural tasting and smoothest blends of teas for your own or a loved ones enjoyment. We have the Breakfast tea and Afternoon tea but we also have some different blends that you don’t usually get in any supermarkets like Whiskey tea and Irish cream! And sure while you browse our gorgeous selection of blends why don’t you pick yourself up a few of our gorgeous mugs too here at

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