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Bringing Ireland to your table…

Here in the towns and villages of Ireland you will find that the kitchen table is the focal point of our homes. This is where we gather to eat, chat, laugh and sometimes cry. In the center of the home the table is where problems are shared and solved, plans are laid and memories made. All this usually involves a cup of tea or indeed sometimes even something a little stronger – depending on the time of day!

Our Connemara Marble Coasters have graced these homes for many years and we hope will continue to do so. This is nothing new however we have added a special touch to our latest batch.

This set comprises of four square Connemara Marble coasters. Each coaster is unique, displaying the many natural shades of green in the grain of the marble.

The underside of each coaster is felted to help prevent scratches and marks to the surface. Completely treatment free all we use is natural beeswax to bring out the high polish of the marble.

Making the coasters extra special is the Irish Penny coin held within the marble. Each coin is authentic and NOT a reproduction. The dates will vary from coin to coin. “May your pockets never be empty” is the message of the Irish Lucky Penny – what a sentiment to wish for the friends and family that will sit around your table.

Giving luck money is an old Irish tradition originally associated with the buying and selling of farm animals. After the buyer and seller agree terms, the seller would then gift the buyer a sum of money for “good luck”. In old Ireland this would typically have been a penny. This was an important ritual because failure to give back a Lucky Penny could bring ill fortune to them both and the Irish, being a highly superstitious people would always avoid tempting fate!

The tradition has long since been expanded so that giving a gift of a “Luck Money” to a friend or family member brings ‘the luck of the Irish’ to both. It is always cherished as a lucky charm and is a constant reminder of the strong bond of friendship. The tradition of the Lucky Penny is still observed in Ireland today.  If you move to a new home, get married, have a new baby or even buy a new car you will be gifted some “Luck Money “to bring you luck on your new venture. The value is irrelevant, it is simply a gesture of best wishes.

There is quite the conversation to be had with these genuine marble coasters. Take home a truly authentic piece of Ireland’s culture and heritage or give a very special gift with a fantastic tale to tell to someone special today.

Hand lifted from our quarry in Lissoughter, Recess Co.Galway in the most majestic region of Ireland they are 100% Irish made.

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