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What are whiskey stones? .. Stephen explains…

 One of my favourite drinks is a glass of Irish whiskey.
From the Irish language ” Uisce beatha ” or the water of life ,
whiskey has been enjoyed for many generations.

As you know there are many ways to serve this iconic drink – straight, with ice, water, soda, as a cocktail or even with an Irish coffee.

 I like to take a glass at room temperature, straight so that
I can absorb the full flavour and aroma. However if you like your whiskey
chilled, there is no harm in adding a few cubes of ice, but as the ice melts it
dilutes your drink . Now some say it makes it go down even smoother and that’s fine… you can stretch out your drink somewhat .

 This is where the whiskey stone come in. Made from marble,
granite, limestone or even stainless steel, these cubes offer an
alternate way to chill your drink without diluting it.

In our case the whiskey stones are made from genuine
Connemara marble, so you are truly using a real piece of Ireland to chill your
Irish whiskey !

 Their green colouring will bring a new look to your
drink, and make in interesting and unique addition to your bar.

For the best result place your whiskey stones in your deep
freezer or ice tray for a  few hours so that they can get really cold, then
simply place them inside your glass and pour your favourite beverage over them.
I suggest for best results use four stones per serving.

 What happens is that the stones will lower the
temperature of the whiskey, and of course will not dilute it so you can savour
the fullest flavour.

 When you are finished, simply rinse your stones under water
and place them back in the freezer so they are ready to go again, and you can
re use your stones as often as you like , they won’t wear out !!!

 And of course the stones can be used to chill other
beverages too – it’s not just restricted to whiskey lovers !!

 I do hope that you will enjoy using our whiskey stones ,

 As we say in Ireland  …Slainte … Cheers !!

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