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Valentine’s Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re looking for a gift for her, to add to the flower delivery or want to be prepared before Valentine’s week, look no further – Connemara Marble have got you covered.

Our Valentine’s Gift Guide is designed to give you the best gift ideas for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day

 Trinity Knot Connemara Marble Silver Pendant: A simple but impressive design – one strand of sterling silver weaves in and out of itself with no beginning, no middle and no end – a symbol of never-ending love. This pendant is made from Irish Sterling Silver with pieces of Connemara Marble inlayed to bring out the Trinity Knot design. It is very much a modern piece based on an ancient Irish symbol.

Tree of Life Connemara Marble Pendant: Intricate silverwork depicts this romantic Celtic symbol with a Celtic Rope design bringing the piece together. This Celtic Pendant represents love and eternity. Combining the heart shaped marble with the Tree of Life design encapsulates everlasting love.


 Claddagh Silver Heart Pendant An exquisite sterling silver and Connemara Marble Claddagh pendant. “Cladach” is the Irish word for Claddagh and it traces its origins back to a coastal village in Co. Galway. For centuries the iconic hands, heart and crown on this design have represented Friendship, Love and Loyalty.


Key to my Heart Necklace  You hold the Key To My Heart”. this is a sentimental piece of handcrafted Irish jewelry charged with love. Symbolising the great love and affection we hold for our loved ones. Our partners, our children, our siblings, and our friends. Express the love you feel with this truly exceptional piece of Celtic Jewelry.


 Sun & Moon Connemara Marble Pendant

This pendant and earring set captures the heart and imagination with a contemporary design steeped in tradition.

The moon is made from Irish sterling silver and the sun from Connemara marble, both are powerful symbols of light and hope. Draw on their powers to bring you strength, hope, comfort and reassurance.


 This Valentine’s Day, Connemara Marble have you covered with gifts for your loved ones. As a special offer, to add an extra special piece to your Valentine’s gift, we’ve got a special Connemara Marble Heart included with every order this Valentine’s Day.

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