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Hello, today’s blog is about the Celtic Cross in Ireland.
The earliest surviving Celtic crosses date from the 7th century and the finest examples date from the 9th and 10th Centuries.
These magnificent crosses are carved from stone and are characterised by the ringed design.
Some will argue that this ring is used to support the cross bars of the cross, whilst a more popular legend states that it was the inspiration of St Patrick to convert the Irish to Christianity.
Using a simple cross that he held in his hand against the background of the sun to symbolise the transition of sun worship to Christianity.
Most of the crosses that we can see stood in Monasteries, and as this was an era before printing, the crosses were richly carved with Celtic knot work and images from Scripture. Today, we can still see these images that were used to tell the story of the bible to the congregation gathered below.
And, as the sun moved through the skies during the day it would light up another panel so a new story could be told.
We can visit these crosses and actually touch the surfaces that were carved over a thousand years ago. You can see them dotted all over Ireland and in the picture above the stunning cross in Clonmacnoise where we visited in an earlier blog. This is living history and a great connection to Irelands rich heritage.
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Sláinte , Stephen.

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