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The Alamo and Connemara Marble.

As you know, I pride myself in bringing you along to visit interesting places in Ireland – but for today I’m making a change..

A family matter brought me to the state of Texas the other week, and my travels brought me to San Antonio and The Alamo, so please come along with me to this historic place and let me tell you about its Irish connection and Connemara Marble !!

For Americans , especially Texans and for most of us the battle of Alamo is an enduring symbol of resistance to oppression, sacrifice and the struggle for independence.

History tells us that in March 1836 a handful of American rebels fought for Texan independence from Mexico. Many know the famous names of James Bowie, William B. Travis, and David Crockett as men who died defending the Alamo, but there were about 200 others there during the Battle. These men came from a variety of backgrounds and places, but all came together to fight for Texas liberty.

But did you know that there were nine Irishmen , along with four Scotsmen, two Germans , ten English and a Dane that died there for the cause of independence.

These heroes are honored just inside the door of the Mission church where the final stand took place. The Irish flag is the first that you will see, and at the base is a Connemara marble slab that reads :

“ The people of Ireland and those of Irish ancestry dedicate this plaque to the Irishmen who defended the Alamo in 1836”.

I was honored to see this slab – I recall our workshop getting a special commission for a piece of marble a few years ago and we had no knowledge that it was to be engraved and placed in the Alamo.

In fact, I did a little research and have learnt that on St Patrick’s day 2023 Irish Government Minister Stephen Donnelly dedicated the piece in an important ceremony.

I was overwhelmed with a sense of pride that a piece of Connemara Marble that we had crafted would now stand in this special place of honor.

So, if your travels bring you to The Alamo, be sure to watch for this plaque and remember the heroic sacrifice made by so many for the cause of independence.

As an Irishman, I can fully understand and empathize with the historic significance of the Alamo as it resonates with our own struggle for freedom.

I’m now safely back home now , so stand by for next week’s walk from Ireland.

All the best,



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