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Hello from Ireland, and here is my September newsletter.
How I love the onset of Autumn .. the golden fields as the last of the harvest is gathered, the soft light and the first hint of the leaves turning to gold. We have had a welcome dry spell of weather for the last week or so which has been a real treat for the kids to squeeze the last drop out of their summer holidays just before they head back to school.
I have mentioned before that September is one of my favourite months to visit Ireland, the weather is usually dry and its quieter out and about as the schools are reopened so the hustle of summer fades and you find yourself strolling in the hills or beaches without meeting a soul.
However, the evenings are beginning to draw in and you can feel the turn in the season. September, in Irish Seacht mí, that is “the seventh month,” also, Mi Meadhin Fómhair, – “the middle month of harvest,” and legend has it that no one will think of contracting marriage in harvest because of the old saying: “The sheaf that is bound in the Harvest will be opened in the Spring.” So, don’t say we did not warn you!
The fairies are said to be particularly active at this time of year and especially under the light of the full moon. On these brightly illuminated nights, fairies, who live beneath the seas, were said to come up on to the land to revel and converse with the fairies of Ireland, at fairy mounds and around hawthorn trees . As folklores tells it: ‘On moonlight nights they often come up on the land, riding their white horses and they hold revels with their fairy kindred of the earth, who live in the clefts of the hills. They dance together on the green sward under the ancient trees, and drink, nectar from the cups of the flowers, which is the fairy wine. So, I shall be keeping a sharp eye out for our fairy friends of an evening!
I am excited about the upcoming QVC Rose of Tralee event! I will of course update you all on the dates closer to the time so do stay tuned. We were thrilled that the winner of the Rose Of Tralee competition here in Ireland is Róisin Wiley from New York, she is without doubt a deserving winner and we wish her all the best of luck for the coming year.
In other news this weekend is of course Labour Day weekend and to celebrate we have taken 20% off all our Irish Jewelry Collections over on my website at I do hope you those of you observing the holiday will have the opportunity to have a day off work and enjoy the extended weekend.
Take care, have a lovely September and with my best wishes from Ireland, Stephen
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