Connemara Marble Luck Stone 421


Connemara Marble Luck Stone 421


421 Connemara Marble Luck Stone

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“An Cloc Cosanta”, is Irish for Luck Stone. The ancient Celts believed that a stone with a natural hole brought good luck and protection from evil so it was worn during battle or while out hunting.

Hang this genuine Connemara marble Luck stone by your door or bed, or simply turn it in your hand to feel the calming effects of its power. View your enemy through the hole in the stone and any harm wished upon you will vanish.

This Connemara marble, one of the world’s oldest minerals and rarest marble in the world, was mined from our quarry in Lissoughter, Recess Co. Galway. No two pieces are identical, making each piece totally unique to you.

Please note , marble is a natural stone so tones and shaded may vary.



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