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Hello and here is my March newsletter from Ireland.

My favourite month of the year is of course March! The “green” month for all of us with Irish heritage. Here at our flags are already up and there may be an appearance of a few Leprechaun hats! Funny thing is that no other ethnic group has such a hold over such a season and the celebration of St. Patrick on March 17th. All over the world our Patron Saint will be celebrated. You will see many famous buildings and landmarks will be illuminated in green on the big day. These will include the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls, The Pyramids and The Empire State Building to name but a few.

Here at home in Ireland we will have a national holiday and in almost every city and town there will be a parade, but watch out – the weather can be unpredictable and many a parade can be bathed in sunshine, dogged with showers, lashed by a gale, covered in snow or all of these on the same day – oh well!!

I often joke that St Patrick is the patron saint of lawnmowers – why you may ask? As it is a national holiday everyone is home for the day and by now Spring is well and truly on the way. The grass has begun to sprout so its time for the first cut of the year. As the family lawnmower is pulled from the shed and dusted off I will bet there are a lot of prayers offered to St. Patrick that the mower will start on the first pull!!

St. Patrick is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland and banishing the snakes from our island. The Shamrock and Celtic Cross are constant reminders of the saints great work. So, we will proudly wear a sprig of Shamrock on March 17th and let me share a toast in honour of our national flower..

For each petal on the Shamrock this brings a wish your way, good luck, good health and happiness for today and every day.

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