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Today we visit the village of Kealkil,  it is high in the hills overlooking Bantry bay in Co.Cork.

Now, I hope that you brought your hiking boots with you today as we have a bit if a walk before us ! Luckily it is dry today so no need for the raincoat .

We have to hike uphill for about ten minutes, and soon we see a sign leading us to Kealkil stone Circle. Across a stile and through a field or two – I hope that you are not out of breath- and our destination is before us, take a look at this interesting stone circle that has stood here for over 3,000 years !

The stone circle is an archaeological site with a very small 5-stone recumbent stone circle, a pair of outlier standing stones, and the remains of a radial stone cairn. A sign tells us that there are several stone circles in the area. Little is known about their function – they could have been used for observations about the movements of the sun and moon , or for religious worship. As we know , many have been used for burials and ritual , the most famous being the Newgrange monument in Co. Meath .

A sign tells us that the site was excavated in 1938 , but no artefacts were discovered . However, there was evidence found that wooden structures once existed here – so perhaps this was some kind of temple of meeting house .

Regardless, it’s amazing to be able to walk around these sacred places and enjoy the stunning views over the West Cork countryside .

Let’s re trace our steps and head back to the car, it looks like the rain is coming soon .

I hope that you enjoyed todays visit to some of Irelands lesser known historic sites.
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