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When you travel through Ireland you will often catch sight of a fairy tree.

Usually a whitethorn or an ash tree, this is where the fairies make their homes. You will often see one gnarled and weathered by the wild winds or standing alone in a field, quite untouched.

Some you will see decorated with tokens or ribbons as a gift for the fairies.

It’s certainly common for farmers to work around these trees, even when they can’t grow crops where the tree stands. You’ll often see a perfectly cultivated field and in the middle, an untouched fairy tree. Evidence of a farmer unwilling to risk his luck. The wee folk had many entrances to the otherworld such as in burial mounds, underwater, and the base of Fairy trees. As you can imagine, these gateways are extremely important for the movement of the wee folk so they are heavily protected by magic.

In fact where our quarry is located is in the townland of Lissoughter – from the Irish for the upper fairy fort, and we have our very own fairy tree on the property.

I’m told that sometimes the locals can her music and singing at night; and the neighbours firmly believe that the faries are the guardians of the finest green Connemara marble.

There are also many stories around Ireland of road works being delayed because Fairy trees would be in the path, workers would refuse to touch the tree. On most occasions, roads have been re-routed to by-pass the tree.

In modern times the tree of life or fairy tree has come to represent strength, wisdom and longevity. It has always represented the link between heaven and earth that connects all forms of creation. A symbol of connection to one another and the universe.

The Tree of Life ls also a symbol of family connection. Family can take many forms and we often have equally strong connections within friendship. 

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