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The Amethyst Gemstone.

If the sheer regal, beauty of this radiant stone isn’t enough to make you want to own a piece then here are some extra reasons! The Amethyst gemstone is a stunningly beautiful, spiritual stone coveted through the ages for its legendary powers to soothe and still the mind . The spiritual meaning of purple amethyst is connected to the mind. It is said to support our thought processes and intuition. Purple amethyst is said to calm the mind and give clarity where there is confusion.

The Ancient Greeks believed that the god, Dionysus, was the very first to discover the purple gemstone. Exactly how long this gem has existed is unclear, but it was first discovered in France about 25,000 years ago. That means it was first used by prehistoric people!

The gemstone is said to help keep negative energy away and is helpful for stress relief and anxiety disorders, it is also the birthstone for February so if you are born around this month this is your stone. Ruled by the planet Jupiter it is the zodiacal gem for the sign of Pisces. According to legend, Saint Valentine wore an amethyst ring carved with Cupid’s likeness. Purple amethyst is the gem given for a six-year wedding anniversary. It is also common to give amethyst within an engagement ring to symbolise royalty and power.

The stone is used by many cultures as a form of protection from bad spirits or dangerous situations. Discover clarity and real beauty with the gorgeous purple hues found in this gemstone. Amethyst is a variety of Quartz and the word “Amethyst” is a Greek word which translates to “not intoxicated” .

The purple colouring can range from a light shade of lilac to a deep plum colour. We are very happy to introduce this precious Gemstone to our range of Celtic Jewelry and we hope you will enjoy shopping our pieces. Don’t forget you can sign up to our newsletter and receive 15% Off your first order!

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