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Why do we wear green on St. Patrick’s Day?

After all Saint Patrick himself was associated with the colour blue and indeed the knights of St. Patrick wore “St Patricks blue”.
The colour green was first used in 1641 when the Irish rebellion took place. Marching under a green flag with the Irish harp at its center this made perfect sense.
Ireland is of course known as “The Emerald Isle” and indeed our countryside showcases at least 40 shades of green. Of course the lucky shamrock is green and our flag green white and orange.
But there may just be a more important reason to wear green on March is said that once you wear green you are invisible to our mischevious friends the Leprechauns. If you dont wear your green protection you might in fact be pinched by one of these troublesome creatures!
My advise would be, for safe keeping, a dash of green at least should suffice! You have been warned!
Sláinte Stephen
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