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Hello and welcome to this weekend’s walk.

Ireland’s famous Wild Atlantic Way is a coastal route the covers some 2500 kilometres of our Western seaboard.
Its southern starting point is in Kinsale, County Cork – were we walked a few months ago .. but if you are driving this route one of the first villages you will pass is Timoleague, so lets visit this pretty place.

Its easy to spot as your drive will bring you right around the walls of Timoleague Abbey. Lets park the car and take a walk. The name Timoleague comes from the Irish – Tigh Molaige , meaning the house of Molga. Molga was in fact a 6th Century saint who settled here and is said to have brought beekeeping to Ireland. In fact honey is still produced in this area!

The abbey that we see today was built on the site by the Franciscan order in 1240, and was extended in the 14th and 15th Centuries. Lets have a look through the ruins. Have a look at the cloister garden, the bell tower, and the holy well located inside the sacristy. This well is said to cure warts, the tiny well is full when the tide is in, and its said that if you put your hand in it the water it will cure warts, or prevent them occurring.

Not far away is the church of Ireland chapel. Sadly it is locked today as it’s undergoing some repairs.. I have been inside many years ago, and its simply amazing … the whole interior is richly decorated with mosaics funded by the local Travers family and the final wall which was paid for by the Maharajah of Gwalior of India in memory of his doctor, Dr Crofts who came from Timoleague.

Long ago the railway came through the village, sadly nothing now remains, and the village comprises of one long street. Let’s have a look at some of the buildings .
We walk further out the road, and here is another holy well – Lady’s well . This well is dedicated to our blessed virgin, and is beautifully maintained. We can see the little tokens, statues and medals. I’m told that Mass is celebrated here on August 15th and December 8th . Lets stop for a moment of calm, and take a sip of the sacred water before we head back to the car.

It is now time to head home, I do hope that you enjoyed coming with me today.

Take care and all the best, Stephen

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