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Summer Solstice with Stephen.

Midsummer fell yesterday on the 21st of June and the summer solstice is marked in many of Irelands ancient sites and stone alignments.  The Summer Solstice is celebrated across the world and here in Ireland it is seen as a midsummer festival and a time to celebrate historical sites, the arts, and culture. This time of year ties back to ancient Celtic society’s dependence on agriculture and crops.

Bonfires are lit and are the focal point for communal festivities. These include dancing, singing and in the past young men would prove their bravery by leaping through the flames.

The fire itself is claimed to have magical powers . Burning weeds in its flames were said to prevent the fields from becoming overgrown, whilst scattering the ashes would bring fertility to the land. It was also said to be particularly lucky to bring ashes home to light the kitchen hearth. Pictured above is the Hill of Tara a site that has been in use for more than 5,000 years as a place of burial and assembly, it grew to fame as the legendary inauguration site of the ancient High Kings of Ireland. Each year people will gather her to mark the solstice and enjoy the magic of this ancient site.

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