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Mum’s the word – why Mother’s advice reigns supreme!

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all the mothers, or those who are like mothers in our lives.  In the world we live in and in the maze of life’s teachings, there’s one refrain which reigns supreme through generations – a mother’s advice. Whether it’s a gentle whisper of wisdom in your ear, a vote of confidence in your ability, or guidance that navigates the complicated world we live in, a mother’s word is unrivalled. But what is it that makes a mother’s counsel stand unmatched in the world of advice?

Unconditional love

No one will love you more than your mother, even if you drive her around the bend! A mother’s love knows no boundaries or expectations, in every word she utters, there’s an echo of her heart’s affection, nurturing her child’s soul with warmth and affection.

Life experience

While it’s also only mothers first go at life, with each passing year, a mother accumulates a wealth of knowledge and experience – joys, sorrows, triumphs and trials. Her advice is not just theoretical but built from her own experiences and journey. Drawing from her victories and setbacks, the insights into life itself she offers are unmatched.


Mothers have mystic qualities, a sixth sense that knows when something’s up. It’s as if she’s tuned into the universe, foreseeing pitfalls, and opportunities before they unfold. This intuitive nature often helps to steer her child out of harm’s way.

Empathy & Understanding

A mother’s advice is steeped in empathy and understanding. Listening with a compassionate ear, understanding with a caring nature, offering solace in times of distress, and celebrating victories with unrivalled joy.


A mother’s advice is inherently selfless – wanting the best for those around them. Other’s happiness and well-being is their focus. She sacrifices her own desires and comforts, to dedicate her time and energy into those around her – reflecting her love that knows no bounds.

In essence, a mother’s advice is more than just words, it’s a sacred bond woven with threads of love, experience intuition, empathy, selflessness, and unconditional love.

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