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Ask any pet owner what their pet means to them and they’ll usually come up with the words love, companionship, loyalty and friendship. For many of us they are a valued member of the family and often a best friend. Their unconditional acceptance of us is a source of great comfort.
Our team here at Connemara Marble are huge animal lovers and in fact every one of us owns a pet!  This is why we made a decision to design and craft our own unique range of Countryside or Pet Animal Jewelry.
Each piece is handcrafted here in our workshop in Dublin, Ireland with Irish Sterling Silver and genuine Connemara Marble.
We throughly enjoyed both the crafting and especially the design process as it was very personal to us.
Have you heard of Connemara Marble before? If not let me explain..
Known as “the Gemstone of Ireland” it is the standout Irish geological and gem material and is therefore recognised as the iconic stone of Ireland and indeed a rare gemstone. It’s use in jewellery can be regarded as one of Ireland’s indigenous industries. The handstone quarrying of Connemara marble is a centuries-old endeavour. Over 900 million years old Connemara Marble is a true piece of Ireland.
I hope you will enjoy our new collection as much as we enjoyed crafting it. You can read all about each special piece here at
Each piece will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity to certify that your piece of marble is genuine. You will also receive a FREE GIFT  with every order over $50 or E50.
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